Where we work

Globethics works to equip individuals and institutions around the world for ethical leadership from cross-cultural and global perspectives.

Since its foundation, Globethics has endorsed a global identity and mission. It has developed a network of members and partners from 138 countries. It has also created programmes and offices/centres in many regions and countries, and currently has centres in Argentina, Ghana, Kenya, India and Indonesia, in addition to its Head Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Through its global presence, Globethics aims to ensure a cross-cultural understanding of and engagement with ethical challenges. With the current strategy, the organisation moves to a new definition for its global presence and engagement, creating Globethics regions that cover the whole world, with sub-regions in some cases, with a focused priority and purpose that can be related to the linguistic, geopolitical or other relevant specificities of the selected area.

It is clear that Africa, called the continent of hope with its growing young population, benefits from Globethics with a specific attention through the wide coverage of the continent by Globethics’ presence and engagement. This fact also reflects the proactiveness of our African network in proposing and leading initiatives. At the same time, Globethics pays attention to all other regions, with a priority on the Asian continent.

Globethics global engagement map

Our centres around the globe

  • Eastern Africa (Nairobi)
  • Southern Africa (Cape Town)
  • Western Africa (Accra)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (Buenos Aires)
  • South Asia Centre (Bangalore)
  • East Asia Centre (Yogyakarta)
  • MENA Centre (Tunis)
  • Europe and Central Asia Centre (Geneva)