Middle East and North Africa Centre

Globethics inaugurated the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Centre in Tunis, Tunisia in June 2023. The MENA Centre is headed by Regional Consul Kamel Ayadi, who has served the organisation as a National Contact for Tunisia and the surrounding region for over 13 years prior to the Centre's launch.

Ethics in higher education event in Tunis, 2024
Ethics in higher education event in Tunis, 2024
  • 3 sub-regions: North Africa (6 countries), Near East (5 countries), and The Gulf (9 countries).
  • 300 higher education institutions received the national survey on ethics and values as part of the major study carried out by the MENA Centre in 2023
  • 100 representatives from academia, national authorities and civil society organizations and local media participated in the international seminar on the ethical challenges and social impact of Artificial Intelligence marking the MENA Centre launch in 2023

Strategic partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Globethics Strategic partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Our initiatives

National survey on ethics in higher education
Just seven months after its launch, the Globethics MENA Centre delivered the results of a major study - the first of its kind - on the place of ethics in culture and teaching in higher education establishments in Tunisia. Looking forward, Globethics plans for this pioneering initiative to be expanded to other countries in the region and followed by further activities, in particular a training workshop for trainers to provide support for individual and institutional capacity development.

Training of Trainers: Preventing and Investigating Fraud and Corruption
Organised in collaboration between the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC), World Federation of Engineering Organizations Committee on Anti-Corruption (WFEO-CAC), and Globethics MENA Centre, this comprehensive training programme explores the complexities of corruption and conflicts of interest.

Meet the team

Kamel Ayadi, MENA Regional Consul
Kamel Ayadi, MENA Regional Consul

Kamel Ayadi has occupied several high-level government positions, including Minister to the Head of the State of Tunisia in charge of the high-level Authority on Financial and Administrative Control, Minister of Public Service, Governance and Anti-corruption, Secretary of State, Senator and Chairman of the Regulatory Authority of Telecommunication. He is an international consultant and civil society activist in anti-corruption, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Among many other roles, he has been working together with Globethics to develop ethical leadership in the MENA region for 13 years prior to the launch of the Centre in Tunis and his appointment as Regional Consul.