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Globethics understands its mission in the broader context of societal transformation and positive impact on human cohabitation with other-than-human species. Ethical leadership constitutes the crucial vehicle through which the organisation will endeavour to make a transformative impact, particularly in the areas of academic collaboration and policy dialogue.

As part of our dedication to being a learning organisation, we consistently monitor, evaluate and learn from our work by measuring our impact.

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Ethical Leadership through Higher Education and Global Engagement: Globethics Strategy 2023-2027

In times of increasing fragility and uncertainty, ethics can be compared to a lighthouse whose light guides vessels to harbour in a stormy sea, and ethical leadership becomes the sign of hope in navigating the way. Globethics’ strategic plan for 2023-2027 aims to offer the framework for this role, to orient the organisation as it endeavours through higher education and global engagement to empower current and future leaders to take responsible, informed decisions and courageous actions in difficult and complex circumstances, around eight thematic and development priorities.

Learn more about the Globethics Strategy 2023-2027.

"The Ethics in Higher Education course... was most useful in providing methods on how to promote an ethical culture and greater academic integrity amongst students and colleagues. The learning platform provided a sleek, easy-to-use system and I loved the interactive units! The course instructor was excellent at facilitating learning between course materials, discussion and application."

Michelle Small
Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Globethics course participant

Annual reports

Learn more about our global impact: read our annual reports.

Annual Report 2023: Cultivating Ethical Leadership

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Globethics Annual Report 2023