Global Ethics Forum

The GEF is a global, solution-focused, multisectoral and multistakeholder platform for dialogue, networking, and engagement, convening institutions, policymakers, senior experts, and practitioners from the private sector, higher education, governments, multilateral, nongovernmental, and faith-based organisations, among others.

Global Ethics Forum

The Forum is an open framework for values-driven inspiration, exchange, reflection, networking, and action, coping with the current global agenda and related ethical challenges and solutions. Through in-depth discussions, shared experiences, case studies, and evidence-based documentation and policy recommendations, innovative ideas, groundbreaking initiatives, and impactful coalitions are generated to put ethical leadership at the heart of the global and sectoral governance.

Exchanging at international conference
Values-driven exchange and reflection

The Forum was established in 2009, convening annually until 2016 with five in Geneva, Switzerland, and one in Bangalore, India. The 2024 edition represents a relaunch of the institution in global engagement and partnership spirit.

The GEF 2024 will take place from 2 - 4 September 2024 at Maison de la Paix in Geneva.

What makes the GEF unique?

  • Global reach: The Global Ethics Forum gathers leaders and future leaders from all continents, ensuring inputs from different world regions.
  • Cross-sectorial and multistakeholder approach: The GEF believes that responsible leadership concerns all sectors and societal actors. The Forum makes it a point to include actors from different sectors, including education, civil society, indigenous and faith-based actors, business, and politics, and facilitate cross-cutting and multistakeholder dialogues.
  • Inclusive thought leadership: GEF is an inclusive space, ensuring the representation and active participation of women, youth, and usually unheard voices such as minorities and indigenous people.
  • Youth empowering: The Globethics Youth Leadership Award, which is part of the Forum, will highlight the capacity of youth in bringing innovative solutions to today’s challenges.
  • Values-based engagement: GEF offers a value-driven framework to think about world challenges and opportunities.
  • Solution-focused: The GEF provides the space to share about successful initiatives and encourages networking to create new ones.
Global Ethics Forum 2024
Save the date: Global Ethics Forum 2024

From 2 - 4 September 2024, Globethics will organise the 7th Global Ethics Forum at Maison de la Paix in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on the topic: Ethical Leadership for a Re-envisioned Future.

GEF 2024 is an opportunity to envision the future of the world and humanity from an ethical leadership perspective. Ethical leadership helps in navigating life through turbulent moments, such as the current one.