Customised and on-demand ethics courses

Benefit from expert ethics training tailored to your needs

Globethics offers a suite of ethics modules, as well as ready-to-go, accredited online courses that meet your institution's educational and professional development needs. Increase knowledge and understanding of ethics for teams of people in your organisation, or focus on specific training requirements.

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Accredited online courses for group learning

Accredited online courses

Choose from our range of full-fledged, structured and state-of-the-art online courses on ethics.

All courses are ready for direct implementation on your online learning platform or can be facilitated on demand by Globethics through our dedicated full-service learning management system, including certification with ECTS credits and transcripts:

In-person training course in Jordan
Tailored in-person and online training courses

Blended learning courses

Create blended learning courses tailored to your institutional learning needs in ethics. Together with you, we co-create a course programme comprising both online and onsite learning components, using existing modules of our accredited course programmes.

For example, you might select the modules from our Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals online course that best address your training gaps. We would then co-develop a complementary onsite programme hosted by your institution, for example of 4 to 5 days, fully aligned with your needs.

Accredited ethics certificate
We deliver accredited ethics certificates

Customised courses and training

We will facilitate your vision for your institutional development and learning environment on ethics, and accompany you from the conceptualisation of bespoke courses and trainings to the implementation and delivery of certificates.

This personalised and co-creational process of crafting your customised ethics course programme will constitute a game changer for your institution. Let’s create a unique learning experience for your constituency, upskill your team and equip future ethical leaders.

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