Policy dialogue

Our work around ethical policy making

Globethics engages with policymakers on the international, national, regional, and local governmental level, and at the higher education institution level, in multi-stakeholder academic and policy dialogues on global issues for transformative ethical leadership.

Our policymaking work includes organising and participating in policy events, facilitating and entering into policy dialogue, and developing policy reports, briefs, and advocacy plans on critical topics related to our four thematic strategic priorities:

  • Ethics and standards in higher education, including hosting the ICDE Leadership Summit 2024;
  • Ethics of sustainability and environmental justice, including leading a panel talk at the COP28 Faith Pavilion calling for an ethical framework on water bringing together indigenous, religious and UN perspectives;
  • Ethics of digital and emerging technologies, including facilitating a Geneva compact on AI ethics, and
  • Ethics of inclusive peace and responsible governance, including partnering with Wilton Park and Adyan Foundation , with the support of the British and Italian governments, to host the “Euro-MENA Dialogue on Inclusive Citizenship and Freedom of Religion and Belief: Bridging and Advancing the two agendas”, a pioneering initiative of policy dialogue aiming to build together a common roadmap for collaboration and engagement to advance the recognition of cultural and religious diversity, while ensuring equality and human dignity for all.