International conference

Global Ethics Forum 2024

World flags in International Geneva, Switzerland
Location Maison de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland
2 - 4 Sep 2024

Save the date for the Global Ethics Forum 2024, 2-4 September 2024 at Maison de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Global Ethics Forum (GEF) is a global solution-focused, multisectoral and multistakeholder platform for dialogue, networking, and engagement, convening institutions, policymakers, senior experts, and practitioners from the private sector, higher education, governments, multilateral, nongovernmental, and faith-based organizations, among others.

The Forum is an open framework for values-driven inspiration, exchange, reflection, networking, and action, coping with the current global agenda and related ethical challenges and solutions. Through in-depth discussions, shared experiences, case studies, and evidence-based documentation and policy recommendations, innovative ideas, groundbreaking initiatives, and impactful coalitions are generated to put ethical leadership at the heart of global and sectoral governance.

The 2024 topic: Ethical leadership re-envisioning the future

GEF 2024 is an opportunity to envision the future of the world and humanity from an ethical leadership perspective. Ethical leadership helps in navigating life through turbulent moments, including the one in which we are currently living.

This forward-looking perspective, based, on the one hand, on evidence-based understanding of reality and its challenges, and, on the other hand, on the belief that a just, inclusive, and sustainable future is possible for all, will focus on four strategic priorities:

Globethics' four strategic priorities
Globethics' four strategic priorities

More than ever, the future of the world stands on the ecological, digital, and sociopolitical pillars. In our interconnected world, this trilogy forms a kind of roadmap towards a better future. The Pact for the Future (Zero Draft) alerts that: “we are at a moment of acute global peril… Humanity faces a range of potentially catastrophic and existential risks. We are also at a moment of opportunity, where advances in knowledge and technology, properly managed, could deliver a better future for all.” (#2).

To respond to global existential risks and transform opportunities into equal chances for all rather than deepening the divide, the world needs to be guided by ethical leadership: leadership that helps to re-envision the future with hope and determination. GEF intends to contribute to defining the contours of this leadership in relation to each of the discussed topics and identifying the outlines of the education capable of nurturing this needed leadership, while equipped with the relevant values, skills, and competencies.

The 2024 Programme


  • The launch of the Policy Report on Ethical Leadership in the Age of AI: Rethinking Futures of Education
  • The launch of The Global Survey of Business Ethics (GSBE), covering more than 40 countries
  • The Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024
  • The celebration of the 20th anniversary of Globethics, and the handover of its Presidency from the founder to the elected new President
  • Other high-level policy engagement organised with the Forum’s partners.


  • 22 high-level sessions to re-envision the future in an ethical multistakeholder perspective.
  • Networking opportunities and cultural activities.

The partners

GEF is a collaborative platform for multisectoral and multistakeholder policy dialogue. Therefore, Globethics invites organisations working on the same agenda to join this initiative by organising one or more sessions of the event with other partners.