Celebrating the Reconciliation

Potentialities of Pentecostal Worship for Reconciliation and Peace in the Context of the Great Lakes Region
by Alain Kusinza Nkinzo


This publication focuses on the research question: “What can the potential role of Christian worship in the Great Lakes region be to promote reconciliation and peace and healing after social and ethnic violence and conflicts?” The answer this book proposes is that a reconstructed Pentecostal Worship will significantly contribute to the process of reconciliation, peace-making, and healing of the ethnic groups in the Great Lakes region. The study theorises a Pentecostal practical theology backed in the theologies of reconstruction, politics and reconciliation. Using an empirical approach, this book draws on the spiritual, cultural, demographical and sociological potentials at the disposal of Pentecostal leaders to promote a reconstructed Pentecostal worship. It envisions a new praxis of spiritual potentials like prophecy, testimony, glossolalia, and emotional praising as opportunities to reconcile and heal people.