Our board and team

Our international Board of Foundation and team

Globethics’ work is carried out and supported by the Board of Foundation, the Head Office team, volunteers, freelance consultants, mandate holders, the Pool of Ethics Experts, and regional and national representatives in Centres around the world.

Globethics Board of Foundation

The International Board of Foundation is the highest decision-making body of the organisation. Members meet at least twice a year in Board meetings, also serve on Board Committees and play an important advisory role in their respective fields of expertise.

Globethics Board of Foundation meeting 2023

Globethics Board of Foundation

  • Christoph Stückelberger (Prof. Dr), Switzerland. President, Founder and former Executive Director of Globethics, Professor of Ethics
  • Pavan Duggal (Dr), India. Advocate, Supreme Court of India; President, Cyberlaws.net; Chairman, International Commission on Cyber Security Law
  • Obiora Ike, Nigeria/Germany. Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council of Plateau State University, Bokkos
  • Divya Singh (Dr), South Africa. Vice-President of Globethics. Chief Academic Officer, Stadio Holdings Ltd; Former Vice Principal: Advisory and Assurance Services, University of South Africa
  • Dicky Sofjan (Dr), Indonesia. Vice-President of Globethics (starting 1 September 2024). Core Doctoral Faculty in the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) at the Graduate School of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)
  • Asha Singh Kanwar (Prof.), India/Canada. Former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
  • Isabelle Sommer, Switzerland. Head of International Commitment, Member of the Executive Board UW Linsi Foundation
  • Rudolf von Sinner (Dr), Switzerland/Brazil. Professor of Systematic Theology, Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue; Moderator, World Council of Churches Ecumenical Education and Formation Commission
  • Dietrich Werner (Dr), Germany. President-Elect of Globethics (starting 9 September 2024), former Senior Advisor, Bread for the World, Senior Research Fellow, Humboldt University, Professor in Intercultural Theology, Ecumenism and Development Studies

From 1 September 2024

  • Marie-Laure Salles, France. Director, Geneva Graduate Institute
  • André Schneider, Switzerland. CEO, Geneva Airport

Our team

The Globethics team is made up of 24 members working in Geneva, Accra, Bangalore, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Nairobi, Tunis, and Yogyakarta. The team is headed by the Executive Committee:

Globethics team at the International Conference October 2022
  • Fadi Daou (France/Lebanon), Executive Director
  • Lucy Howe-López (UK), Deputy Executive Director
  • Amélé Ekué (Togo/Germany), Academic Dean
  • Lidia Sloutskovski (Russia), Academic Office Manager
  • Carolina de la Torre Ugarte (USA, Peru, Switzerland), Academic Office Manager (Maternity Cover)
  • Allison Pierok (USA), Academic and Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Andreas Waldvogel (Switzerland), Head Online Library
  • Anja Andriamasy (Madagascar/France), Assistant Head Librarian
  • Ignace Haaz (Dr) (Switzerland), Managing Editor
  • Jakob William Bühlmann Quero (Spain), Assistant Editor
  • Manasa Britto-Pais (Switzerland/India), Administration and Human Resources Manager
  • Catriona Mackenzie (Switzerland/UK), Finance Officer
  • Rebecca Toomey (UK/Switzerland), Administration and Finance Officer
  • Josie Hough (UK), Communications and Digital Marketing Manager
  • Wallace Shuaihua Cheng (Switzerland), Impact, Innovation and Development Head
  • Herbert Makinda (Kenya), Eastern Africa Centre (Nairobi) Regional Manager
  • Susan Ackah (Ghana), Western Africa Centre (Accra) Regional Manager
  • Rajula V. (India), South Asia Centre (Bangalore) Regional Manager
  • Esther Ghosh (India), South Asia Centre (Bangalore) Regional Assistant
  • Lakhsmi Subandi (Indonesia), East Asia Pacific Centre (Yogyakarta) Regional Manager; Impact, Innovation and Development Officer
  • Carike Noeth (Dr) (South Africa), Southern Africa Centre (Cape Town) Regional Manager
  • Maria Eugenia Barroso (Argentina), Latin America and the Caribbean Centre (Buenos Aires) Regional Manager
  • Verónica Estrade (Argentina), Latin America and the Caribbean Centre (Buenos Aires) Regional Assistant; Communications Assistant