Join the Globethics Pool of Experts

An international, vibrant and innovative space for advancing knowledge on ethics

Globethics emphasises co-creation and innovation to advance the agenda on ethics through higher education and global engagement. Our organisation values and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion related but not exclusive to gender, physical ability, regions, cultures, languages, religions and worldviews, academic and knowledge traditions, including those of indigenous people.

We therefore invite interested experts from diverse backgrounds to apply for membership in the Globethics Pool of Experts until 2 April 2024 to [email protected] with the following documentation (in one PDF file and with the following filename style \POE 2024_Name First name\):

  • A CV with a focus on the academic track record, interests and specialisation, as well as publications as applicable;
  • Statement of interest (250 words) with a clear indication of your main area of expertise related to one of the four Globethics strategic priorities;

A short proposal (250 words) on an initiative in an ethical field, or of ethical relevance, you are working on and would like to suggest to Globethics (e.g. publication, joint course, conferencing programme, etc.).

Applications are invited from candidates of all career phases and with expertise in one of all four strategic priority areas (1) Ethics and Standards in Higher Education; 2) Ethics of Sustainability and Environmental Justice; 3) Ethics of Digital and Emerging Technologies; 4) Ethics of Inclusive Peace and Responsible Governance). However, we invite particularly younger scholars, and academics with expertise in the areas of strategic priority 2 and 3 to apply.

The Globethics Executive Committee will review the applications and make its final decisions in April 2024.

Meeting of some of the Pool of Experts, October 2022

What the Pool of Experts is about and how it works

The Globethics Pool of Experts understands itself as a collaborative community of practice for expert exchange, co-creation, together with the Globethics management, on cutting-edge ethical topics as related to the Globethics strategic priorities. Membership of the Globethics Pool of Experts is pro bono.

  • Members of the Pool of Experts are convened to join one of the four working groups in a dedicated space, created on the Globethics Academy online platform, for the purpose of continuous reflection, mutual intellectual stimulation and work on existing projects that members would like to share and work on with other experts (e.g. discussion papers, research initiatives).
  • Pool of Experts members may be solicited to represent the organisation at regional and international events.
  • In addition, they also may be invited to join Globethics projects and activities as subject matter experts.
  • All Pool of Experts members are convened once per calendar year to an annual round table to facilitate an exchange on ongoing developments and trends.

Criteria for Appointment to the Pool of Experts

Globethics appoints as members of its Pool of Experts qualified individual persons who identify with the Globethics vision, mission and values and fulfill the following criteria:

  • A PhD, or a Master's with an academic track record, publications, or evidence of policy engagement or other relevant professional experiences;
  • Evidence of a high level of expertise and experience in an ethically relevant academic discipline or professional field;
  • Evidence of scholarly or specialised professional expertise in one of the four Globethics strategic thematic priority areas;
  • Interest in international, cross-cultural and interregional experience, engagement and relationships;
  • Evidence of competencies and readiness to advance Globethics’ mission, especially regarding expert co-creation on ethics in higher education and global engagement.

The selection and appointments to the Pool of Experts are at the discretion of the Globethics Executive Committee, and appointments are for a duration of three (3) years renewable. Globethics particularly invites emerging scholars to join the Pool of Experts and commits itself to applying the selection criteria in consideration of their specific career phase.

Which benefits does the Pool of Experts provide to its members?

The Pool of Ethics Experts, which comprises 37 members representing 22 countries, offers a vibrant illustration of how to use expert power for positive impact in key areas of publication, course development, institutional outreach, course instruction, participation in academic community events and representation in global and regional events.

Meet the ethics experts

  • Alexander Ageev (Russia), Professor of Strategic Economics
  • Ikechukwu Ani (Nigeria), Director of Ethics
  • Meera Baindur (India), Professor of Philosophy
  • Wantian Cui (China), Professor of Economics
  • Paul Dembinski (Switzerland), Chairholder of University of Geneva
  • Pavan Duggal (India), Honorary Chancellor of Cyberlaw University
  • Benoit Girardin (Switzerland), Professor for Diplomacy and Ethics
  • Dorcas Gordon (Canada), Principal Emerita
  • Michel Guilmault (France), Director of International Development
  • Heidi Hadsell (USA), Professor of Ethics
  • Michael Hopkins (Kenya/Switzerland), President of MHC International
  • Anh Tho Andres Kammler (Vietnam/Switzerland), DBA
  • Yolanda Lira (Philippines), Dean, College of Criminal Justice
  • Onyia Chidiebere (Nigeria), CEO of OrgLearning Consult
  • Simon Robinson (UK), Professor of Ethics
  • Stephen Rothlin (Switzerland), Professor and Consultant of Business Ethics
  • Divya Singh (South Africa), Chief Academic Officer STADIO
  • Rudolf von Sinner (Brazil), Professor of Systematic Theology
  • Dicky Sofjan (Indonesia), Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies
  • Siti Syamsiyatun (Indonesia), Profesor of Islam
  • RichardOnji'I Toung (Cameroon), Lecturer at University of Yaounde
  • Retha Visagie (South Africa), Directorate Research Ethics
  • William Ellis (South Africa), Anthropology
  • Jelson Roberto de Oliveira (Brazil), Ethics
  • Juny Montoya Vargas (Colombia), Ethics
  • Emmanuel Ansah (Ghana), Executive Director Kingdom Equip Network
  • Nadia Balgobin (Mauritius), Expert in Procurement
  • Gilles Bach (Switzerland), Data and Innovation
  • Jose Antonio David (Argentina), CRS and Environment
  • Walter Fust (Switzerland), Ambassador
  • Meggy Kantert (Germany), Organizational Management
  • Anita Shantaram (India), Founder Ethics India
  • Amélé Ekué (Togo/Germany), Globethics Academic Dean
  • Ignace Haaz (Switzerland), Globethics Managing Editor
  • Obiora Ike (Nigeria), Professor of Ethics
  • Christoph Stückelberger (Switzerland), Globethics Founder and President, Professor of Ethics