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ICDELS24 panel
13 Jun 2024

Shaping the future(s) of education

From 5-7 June 2024, Globethics hosted over 100 educational leaders from more than 35 countries for the ICDE Leadership Summit 2024 at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland.

AI for Good Global Summit
05 Jun 2024

How can we make "AI for Good" a reality?

The recent WSIS and AI for Good Summits in Geneva marked a pivotal moment in global AI discourse, where excitement over transformative potential was tempered by concerns of unchecked advancement and ethical implications.

Unheard Voices of the Futures
29 May 2024

Amplifying young voices for the future

Globethics' panel at the UN Civil Society Conference 2024 highlighted the urgent need for inclusive governance and meaningful dialogue with young leaders and underrepresented voices to shape sustainable policies for the future.

Pool of Experts
23 May 2024

New experts bring fresh ideas for co-creation

Globethics welcomes 26 new members to its Pool of Experts, highlighting a renewed focus on innovation, a multigenerational perspective, and a collaborative co-creation approach.

Globethics visit to UNESCO-ICHEI in Shenzhen
05 Apr 2024

Strengthening engagement in China

Fadi Daou and Christoph Stückelberger's visit to China resulted in enriching dialogue and plans for future engagement with institutions and organisations across sectors.

Integrando la ética en el sistema nacional de educación superior de El Salvador
28 Mar 2024

Integrando la ética en el sistema nacional de educación superior de El Salvador

Lanzamiento de un ambicioso proyecto de integración de la ética en 41 instituciones de educación superior que forman parte del Sistema Nacional de Educación Superior de El Salvador (SNES).