Presenting Inclusive AI for a Better Future at UNESCO Global Forum

01 Mar 2024

Fadi Daou and Wallace Cheng represented Globethics at the UNESCO Global Forum on Ethics of AI, hosted by Slovenia from 5 to 6 February 2024, where they presented findings from a multistakeholder policy dialogue perspective with the report Inclusive AI for a Better Future.

Fadi Daou presents the report Inclusive AI for a Better Future
Fadi Daou presents Inclusive AI for a Better Future

As well as sharing the results of the Globethics policy dialogue panel on AI ethics, co-organised with the Club of Rome in November 2023, Daou also challenged the way the governance of AI is currently focused on regulations and risk management, while it should primarily be about strategy setting and resource mobilisation for inclusive and responsible innovation.

He invited other stakeholders to join the process of securing investment funds and mechanisms to allow innovative initiatives using AI to bridge the gaps within and between societies.

The UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Landscape of AI Governance was a golden platform reflecting the shift in narrative and policy from concern to engagement.

The Interim Report of the UN Secretary-General's AI Advisory Body: Governing AI for Humanity has set the stage for progress in the discussion, showing both the needs and limits of any regulation in the field, and calling for accountability and equitable voice for all countries.

During his contribution, Fadi Daou called to break the silo approach in engaging with AI, pushing for further multistakeholder dialogues and collaborations across all sectors. He noted that education remains underrepresented as both a topic and sector in this discussion, despite being drastically transformed by AI, and invited participants to join Globethics in Geneva this June, where we will host the ICDE Leadership Summit on Ethical Leadership in the Age of AI: Rethinking Futures of Education.

Finally, Daou praised the leadership of the Minister of Digital Transformation Emilija Stojmenova Duh and congratulated Gabriela Ramos on succeeding in mobilising the different international stakeholders around this cause and putting forward the role of women in the field.