Integrating Ethics in El Salvador’s National Education System

28 Mar 2024

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Evangelical University, the Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer University (USAM), the Higher Education National Directorate of the Education, Science and Technology Ministery of El Salvador and Globethics, marks the start of an ambitious project seeking to integrate ethics at 41 higher education institutions forming part of the National System of Higher Education of El Salvador (SNES).

The signing ceremony and presentation of the project was held on 14 March 2024 in San Salvador with the Globethics team joining online from around the world. As Cristina de Amaya, Rector of the Evangelical University, expressed in her welcoming remarks at the event: "the purpose of this project is to strengthen and promote the training and management of ethics in all university functions."

Deisy Marquina, Rector of the USAM, added: "An ethics of the future is necessary. One that allows us to face the challenge of scientific knowledge and the technological capacity to which we have access with a guarantee of success. That is why, by signing this memorandum of understanding today, we are reaffirming the ethical commitment to work for an education that contributes to the consolidation of a society that takes into account future generations."

MOU signing in Geneva
Globethics Executive Committee sign the MOU

The project, entitled Integration of Ethics in El Salvador's National Education System, will be carried out between 2024 and 2026. With that said, the impact is expected to extend far beyond the project itself. In the words of Fadi Daou, Executive Director of Globethics, "While this agreement is between El Salvador and Globethics, we are sure that we will inspire other countries and this initiative will expand its reach globally by generating world leaders with ethics and commitment."

During the signing ceremony, the National Director of Higher Education of El Salvador, Christian Aparicio, stressed that "If we know what the state of ethics is, we know where we want to go, then we can make a very important transformation to promote, in effect, a culture of greater empathy, of greater respect in order to improve humanity and society."

The project will be divided into three phases, the first of which will consist of a diagnosis of ethics in Salvadoran higher education institutions and the design of a national action plan. This phase seeks to identify gaps and opportunities for the integration of ethics into the education system to chart a path forward.

The second phase will focus on the development of a manual for the effective integration of ethics and training for both teaching institutions and professionals, as well as students. Finally, the third phase will focus on internationalization opportunities, such as the possibility of joining the Globethics Pool of Experts and participating in an accreditation program for the ethical management of universities that will be launched soon.

This project represents a strong commitment to ethics in higher education in El Salvador. As one of the participants put it, "We expect the program to result in capacity building in the National System of Higher Education, guaranteeing its continuity and formation of the educational communities."