How can we make "AI for Good" a reality?

05 Jun 2024

Geneva recently hosted a pivotal moment in global AI discourse as the WSIS+20 (World Summit on the Information Society) Forum and AI for Good Summit coincided, transforming the city into a vibrant discussion hub. This convergence brought together multilateral organisations, tech giants, government officials, experts, and civil society leaders for hundreds of sessions and dialogues.

Maintaining our commitment to fostering a robust, inclusive public debate at the heart of this discourse, Globethics convened a WSIS Forum session entitled "Inclusive AI For A Better World, Through Cross-Cultural And Multi-Generational Dialogue" on 31 May 2024. The panel built on previous policy dialogues and workshops and featured diverse perspectives from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, exploring how AI can inclusively serve humanity across cultures, sciences, and institutions.

Inclusive AI for a Better World
Session on: "Inclusive AI For A Better World"

On the panel were Diana Nyakundi (Senior Consultant on Ethics of AI UNESCO, Kenya), Michel Roberto de Souza (Policy Director, Derechos Digitales, Brazil), Larissa Zutter (Senior AI Policy Advisor and Board Member, Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) Europe, Switzerland), Xiaowu Ma (Chief Marketing Officer, Qingsong Health Group, China), and Qian Xiao (Vice Dean, Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG) and Center for International Security and Strategy (CISS) at Tsinghua University, China).

The panelists, alongside moderator Fadi Daou, delved into actionable insights on making AI For Good a tangible reality. This inclusive approach aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and ethical practices that guide AI's role in shaping a more equitable and sustainable future.

Key outcomes of the session emphasised the necessity for an innovation framework that prioritises safety and inclusivity beyond mere regulatory compliance, and urged for creative partnerships and responsible leadership across all stakeholders.

As we navigate the complexities of AI's evolution, initiatives like the WSIS Process+20 reaffirm the critical need for inclusive dialogue and multistakeholder engagement. The convergence of minds at WSIS and AI for Good reflected not just excitement for AI's potential, but also a collective responsibility to steer its trajectory towards beneficial outcomes for all. It's a time for bold engagement, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to ethical principles - a time to shape our digital future together.

Watch the recording of Globethics' session.