International conference

International AI and Human Rights Summit

Munich city centre
Location Technical University of Munich, Main Campus, Munich, Germany
16 Jul 2024
09:00 - 17:00

AI is rapidly evolving, while human rights serve as the cornerstone of international technology regulation.

International organizations are delving deeper into the nexus between AI development and human rights. This is particularly evident in recent declarations such as the Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law by the Council of Europe, and the EU AI Act. However, even experts across various fields, including constitutional and public law, international human rights, and governmental bodies such as constitutional courts, international human rights organizations, legislators, and international organizations, are grappling with clarifying the human rights impact of AI amidst a plethora of alternative concepts.

To address these complexities, the Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) and Globethics have jointly established the International AI and Human Rights Summit. This one-day intensive workshop based event serves as a pivotal platform uniting global stakeholders to deliberate on the ramifications of AI on the protection and promotion of human rights.

Our goal is to outline actionable steps to prevent and mitigate human rights violations related to their development of AI. Crucially, the workshop endeavors to distill the collective wisdom of international experts into a guiding document for conduct.

The summit will result in a draft for the Munich Convention on AI and Human Rights, a document that consolidates the insights garnered from the workshop and sets forth a framework for organizational human rights responsibilities within the realm of AI development. By forging a stronger link between the workshop and the convention to be signed, the Munich Declaration serves as an outcome of the collaborative efforts to navigate the complex interplay between AI and human rights.

With a mix of formats throughout the day, we will focus on several core themes:

  • Defining a scope of Human Rights for AI
    Defining Red Lines in AI use that violate human rights
    Identifying Relevant Use Cases for AI and Human Rights that warrant specific treatment
    Developing Stakeholder Engagement: Who, Why and How?
    Needs and considerations for multinational corporations vs. public organizations in development of AI and Human Rights
    Implications for governance of AI

How to Participate

We are looking for experts and researchers working on this topic from academia and private and public organisations to take part in the summit. Our aim is to create a diverse and multi-stakeholder space for practical and insightful discussion.

Participation is free, but space is limited for the summit. If interested in attending, please apply with a max. 500 word motivation statement on why you would like to join the summit to [email protected] by 30 April.

Please note the event is in person in Munich, Germany. Individuals are financially responsible for their travel to the Technical University of Munich Main Campus.