Interfaith Statements for Environmental Justice



Environmental justice has always been on the agenda of Globethics. In 2014, the organisation decided to amplify religious voices in the sphere, advocating for a global and fair solution, by publishing the book: “Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008- 2014”. In 2023, Globethics became more actively engaged in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN-FCCC) and the annual Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai, by organising a session entitled: “Listen to those who listen to the earth. A plea for an urgent ethical blue framework by indigenous populations and world religions.” Moreover, Globethics is glad to support the ethical leadership of societal actors, especially indigenous and faith-based actors, by offering to policymakers and the global audience at COP28 and beyond, three open-access volumes including a selection of key messages and statements issued by a) interfaith initiatives, b) indigenous communities, and c) religious actors. In facing the climate crisis, which has become a life and future crisis, all voices are needed. A special attention to indigenous and religious voices is due, since they represent in many cases the voiceless yet most impacted populations, and are heirs of ethical and spiritual wisdom, able to reframe the issue beyond economic and political agendas.