Amplifying young voices for the future

29 May 2024

More than 2000 delegates from 115 countries gathered in Nairobi on 9-10 May for the UN Civil Society Conference 2024, a pivotal event aimed at amplifying global civil society's voice in shaping the UN's Pact for the Future. These delegates, 70% from Africa and 40% under the age of 34, brought diverse perspectives and urgent calls for action.

Unheard Voices of the Futures
Unheard Voices of the Futures side event

Globethics, in partnership with the BRIDGES Coalition and the Club of Rome, hosted a side event entitled "Unheard Voices on the Futures" at the UN Civil Society Conference.

The session was specially designed to foster intergenerational dialogue between panelists, with an emphasis on amplifying the voices of younger generations, who are so often underrepresented in these dialogues.

Luci Attala, Director of UK (Wales) BRIDGES Hub and a panelist at the side event, shared an inspiring letter encouraging youth to work towards sustainable development. Together with moderator Nolita Thina  Mvunelo, Program Manager at the Club of Rome, the panelists, including Globethics Executive Director Fadi Daou; Maasai youth climate advocate Keshoe Isaiah, and Ashley Kitisiya, Fossil Free Africa Campaigner at Laudato Si’ Movement, emphasised the imperative of including diverse voices in decision-making processes.

The session, held at the Intergenerational Hub within the UN premises, provided a platform for these voices to resonate. As we look beyond the conference, concluded Fadi Daou following the event, "the imperative remains clear: to foster mechanisms that bring young leaders and marginalized voices to the forefront of global decision-making." Their perspectives, rooted in resilience and innovation, are essential for shaping policies that safeguard our planet.

The UN Civil Society Conference 2024 highlighted both the potential and the challenges ahead. It is incumbent upon us all to heed the call for inclusive dialogue and collective action, ensuring that future generations inherit a world that thrives.