Blue Table Webinar: Should Ethics Care about the Future?

Should Ethics Care about the Future? Blue Table Webinar 2024
Location Webinar (Online)
20 Mar 2024
15:00 - 16:00

Globethics Academy Blue Table Webinars 2024 -Beyond Ourselves: Ethics for Futures

We are living in uncertain times. Can ethics assist us in understanding the world as it is and as we imagine it to become? What role do ethics have in shaping our futures? Which responsibilities do we have to assume as humans – beyond ourselves – for future generations and for the planet?

Experts from all over the world, members of the Globethics network and specialists engaged in a variety of areas, such as interdisciplinary research, teaching, community work, publication, entrepreneurship and artistic creation will contribute to the discussions.

This free webinar explores the question: Should Ethics Care about the Future?

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