International conference

AI Nexus: Bridging Law, Justice & Ethics on the Global Stage

Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bangalore
Location Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bangalore, Bengaluru, India (Hybrid)
25 - 26 Jul 2024
10:00 - 17:00

This conference seeks to explore the complex interplay between AI, law, and ethics, shedding light on the need for innovative legal responses and ethical guidelines to govern the development and use of AI technologies, particularly focusing on its intersection with constitutional and human rights, implications within the criminal justice system, ethical considerations in healthcare, and transformative impacts on education and development.

It also aims to delve into the nuances of intellectual property rights in the age of AI-generated content, labour rights in an automated workforce, and the evolving legal and policy frameworks necessitated by AI's integration into various sectors. Additionally, the conference seeks to address the societal implications of ethical AI development, the role of AI in advancing sustainable development goals, and the unique challenges presented by the integration of AI in the Metaverse, keeping the discussion open to emerging trends and uncharted territories in AI's expansive influence.

This conference aims to convene a diverse group of academics, legal practitioners, and ethicists to share insights and research findings on AI's legal and ethical dimensions. The conference will serve as a dynamic forum for discussing AI's latest innovations, trends, and dilemmas, fostering a dialogue on practical challenges and the development of principled solutions. The goal is to enhance understanding and collaboration across disciplines, contributing to the development of a coherent framework that ensures AI advances in a manner that is both legally sound and ethically responsible. The conference will encourage submissions that offer diverse perspectives, aiming to encompass a broad spectrum of AI-related legal and ethical issues.

Abstract submission deadline - 10 June 2024.

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