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Interreligious Cooperation for Peace - Ethical Studies

Interreligious Cooperation for Peace - Ethical Studies

3 ECTS (6 CATS or 1.5 USC) credits

If you are part of a higher education institution you can transfer academic credits due to our ECTS accreditation.
Duration 8 week course
Location Online
78 hours of study
8 hours of lessons
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About this course

The 8-week open online course on Interreligious Cooperation for Peace - Ethical Studies develops critical discernment capacities related to conditions, situations, attitudes, and behaviours leading to conflict and those conducive to building just and peaceful communities.

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What you will learn

  • Relate to the importance of values for interreligious cooperation.
  • Evaluate different values and attitudes that are conducive to peacebuilding.
  • Assess interreligious cooperation from an ethical perspective.

Benefits of this course

  • Taught by subject matter experts

    Learn from interreligious ethics specialists with extensive teaching experience
  • Verified excellence

    Increase your job prospects with a Globethics executive programme certificate
  • Have diverse ethical conversations

    Discuss interesting topics with other students from different countries, cultures, educational and professional backgrounds
  • Network with like-minded professionals

    Expand your ethical studies network by meeting students and instructors
  • Expertly designed course

    Online course designed to facilitate engagement with quality resources and up-to-date study material
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