African Church Assets Programme

Responsible, effective, and transparent management of assets and investments is key to developing sustainable, values-based institutions, livelihoods, and communities.

Globethics is engaged to support and strengthen institutions and those who work within them to address practical problems, related, for example, to mapping and registering fixed and non-fixed assets, to managing, maintaining, and developing properties, land, schools, hospitals, universities, and social services.

With funds from traditional cooperation and funding partners becoming increasingly scarce, institutions are coming under increasing pressure to diversify their funding sources and strengthen their own capacities. Churches and Church-Related Organisations (CCROs) are among the institutions that recognise the need to manage their assets well and to invest ethically.

Since 2015, Globethics, in collaboration with the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) and the support of Bread for the World, has been implementing the African Church Assets Programme (ACAP). An assets management project has also been conducted in Romania with the participation of Orthodox Churches. The goal of ACAP is to help leaders in CCROs to build practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources.

ACAP iii in Nairobi, May 2019
Deborah Membe Zambia - ACAP participant

"My first encounter with the ACAP workshop was an eye opener to what we as a people had taken for granted regarding the stewardship of church assets. By the end of the first workshop, I had learnt and appreciated the need for ethical investment generally whether with church assets or otherwise. My later experience, when I was involved in organising the event for ACAP III in Zambia, was awesome! The support I got from Globethics was wonderful, the sharing of experiences from other faith-based organisations was very useful and helpful. My appeal is that the knowledge be extended to our grandchildren so that they grow up with ethical values."

Deborah Membe, Zambia

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Get in touch with Herbert Makinda, ACAP coordinator and Globethics Eastern Africa Regional Manager, to learn more: [email protected].